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We should probably get to know each other.

Here’s us.

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Who the heck are we?

Alicia and Abel are our names, and we are a photography duo that also happen to be in love <3. I (Alicia) picked up my first camera four years ago for a dream trip to Chilean Patagonia, and loved capturing moments that felt so fleeting and tremendously humbling. I decided to turn my camera onto people a year later and have found so much joy and fulfillment in capturing such beautiful stories as they’ve unraveled before me. Abel has been immersed in the photography world for a year now, and is quite the natural. His in-the-moment style combined with his equally opportunistic eye really make the viewer feel the moment being captured in each frame. Our technical and creative skills are what brings a lovely balance to our work.

What we’re about.

Essentially our goal is to time travel you back to a day you wanted to remember. An exact moment and the feeling you had while you lived in it. We tell a story with what we do, and we would love to tell yours.